The Realm Project is a project of the Cross Design Group, LTD, with the objective of assisting parents, teachers, therapists, and caregivers in helping children in Belize with disabilities reach their full potential. Although our main focus is children on the autism spectrum, we recognize that many children have multiple disabilities, and we work to create solutions for the whole child.

ribbon-icon-sqWho We Serve

Our focus is the Cayo district of Belize. Many of the schools in Cayo struggle to assess and support students on the Autism Spectrum. The schools lack the expertise of Special Education certified teachers and social workers, as well as the tools to assess students on their own and design a curriculum for students. We are here to close that gap by bringing together key professionals and information that is accessible to the community.

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info-icon-sqHow to Help

There are several ways you can help the cause:

  • Share this page with teachers and principals in your area. 
  • Share tips and techniques for those difficult behavior moments.
  • Share intervention information such as speech or occupational therapists.
  • Share technology information for Autism Intervention.
  • Sponsor a child's assessment or education.
  • Purchase items from our store. All profits benefit ASD awareness and intervention efforts.

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When doctors, parents, teachers, therapists, even television describe typical spectrum kids, without meaning to, they’re describing typically male spectrum traits — patterns first noticed by observing boys. Only boys. And we aren’t boys. So they miss and mislabel us.

Jennifer O’Toole, Asperkids

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