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March 23, 2017

We’re celebrating World Autism Awareness Week (27 March – 2 April 2017) by highlighting the special bond that many children and adults with autism spectrum condition (ASC) have with dogs, and how through our experience of training dogs for people with autism we’ve seen the amazing difference dogs can make.

Research from the University of Lincoln found that children with autism experience fewer meltdowns in the presence of a pet dog and their parents stress levels are significantly lowered, but we also see that dogs can make a difference to confidence levels, help reduce anxiety, improve communication and help families do more together.

In 2017, Dogs for Good will support 1,000 people with autism including training assistance dogs for children with autism; in our Family Dog service, by providing workshops, training and support to families with a child with autism to help them leverage support from their pet dog, and through our community dog work where we’re helping adults with autism to achieve goals and increase confidence.


This article from the GOV.UK Accessibility Blog, shared under the Open Government License v3.0, gives useful tips for making websites accessible to those on the autistic spectrum, using screen readers, with low vision, with physical or motor disabilities, deaf or hard of hearing, or with dyslexia.

Karwai Pun, 2 September 2016 — Design, User research

Karwai Pun is an interaction designer currently working on Service Optimisation to make existing and new services better for our users. Karwai is part of an accessibility group at Home Office Digital, leading on autism. Together with the team, she’s created these dos and don’ts posters as a way of approaching accessibility from a design perspective.

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